Direct Mail

In an increasingly Internet-based world, tangible, touchable direct mail is becoming a premium marketing communications tool.

Here are the facts:

According to Canada Post research:

  • 97% of Canadians will open mail if they asked for it.
  • 95% will open direct mail if it is from a company they know or it looks important.
  • 84% will open if it has their name and address on it.

As Canada Post Certified Partners, we understand direct mail!

Corporate Printing Services uses Canada Post certified postal software to update addresses, correct street names and postal codes to ensure that your mailing meets or exceeds Canada Post standards and as such entitles you to the BEST WHOLESALE POSTAGE RATES!

But that’s not where we stop! We update and correct your addresses to Upper and Lower case format and eliminate duplicate records based on your criteria. This process allows us to advise you of duplicate or incorrect data in your database which will save you thousands of dollars annually on incorrectly addressed or undeliverable mail.

Laser and Inkjet Imaging

We take personal information, such as name and address, bar code, numbers and text from your cleansed data file and print directly onto your mail piece (card, envelope or magazine). The result is high quality, fast, accurate and inexpensive personalization!

Complex mail pieces like merged letters and matched components are printed as variable data laser printing. This allows for multiple personalization and versions of the mail piece in a single stream of print. We provide layout and setup services to help fully utilize the capability of variable data laser printing.

We can print one or two sides in a single pass and collate and staple multi-page documents. Digital printing is available in color or black ink to create highly effective personalized documents.

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data is how marketing teams can “target” consumers based on as many levels of criteria that matter most. The main reason for using variable data printing is its higher response rate versus traditional direct mail.
A non personalized direct mail piece may get a 2% response rate. When direct mail is personalized with variable data printing, the response rate can increase anywhere from two to 20 times that rate!  Variable data printing generates a greater response because it combines the power of client data with digital printing to produce customized marketing pieces.