File upload

Welcome! You are on your way to using the CPS FTP site. Please refer to the information below to get started. Using our secure FTP site, you can be sure that your documents remain secure. If you need your own account, please email and one will be set up for you.

Alternatively, you can send your files to us with a file transfer service like if you prefer not to use the FTP server.

Be sure to send and email notification to the CPS production department at, as well as once files have been uploaded.

FTP Address:

User Name:           ftp51185271-5

Password:              tempprint


How do I access the FTP?

There are many easy to use FTP programs available for purchase or as freeware. Some of the most commonly used programs are:


This application simplifies FTP by offering a user-friendly Windows interface instead of a cumbersome command-line utility. CuteFTP gives novice PC users the ability to upload,download, and edit files on remote FTP servers around the world.


FileZilla is a powerful FTP-client for Windows NT4, 2000 and XP. It has been designed for ease of use and with support for as many features as possible, while still being fast and reliable.


WISE-FTP is an FTP client – a software which enables users to connect to any FTP server for the upload and download of files.


WS_FTP Professional 2007, is a very popular FTP client, securely transfers files with lightning fast transfer speed, industry leading security and time saving automation features.

What i f I do not have FTP Sof tware?

If you do not have FTP software you can access our FTP through Internet Explorer.
See the next page for detailed instructions on using the FTP from Internet Explorer.

How do I FTP using Internet Explorer?

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. Check Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility)
5. Click OK.


1. Open Microsoft Internet Explorer.
2. In the Address Bar type
3. Type in your username and password when prompted.


4. Upload Files.
5. Send email confirmation to

How to prepare a file for printing

We can print your large format or standard size print projects from programs such as:

  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Office
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • PDF Files (Adobe Acrobat)

For best results save your file as PDF…Also provide the native file just incase we need to make alterations to the file.

If you are not sure what to do you can create your project with our graphic designers.If you are creating your own design, please follow these important steps before bringing a file for printing.

Step 1: File Prep

Create your document and send the files to Corporate Printing Services on a USB Drive, Email or upload to our FTP. Make sure you provide all images, graphics and fonts used in the document.

It’s best to keep all related files on the same disk. This makes it much easier to ensure proper graphic linking and output.

Helpful Hint: If you do not know how to transfer fonts, click on the font you want to move — drag and drop it to the desired location, and you’ve now copied your font.

Step 2: Sizing

Create the file at the size you will want it printed at, for example 8.5”x11”, 5.5”x8.5”. For oversized images, prepare the files as a normal letter-size (8.5″x11″) document,and we will enlarge the file to the desired size during printing. For files that will bleed (when the ink runs off the page) please extend the image area 1/4” on all areas that are to bleed. Be sure to add crop marks to your file.

Step 3: Image Resolution

For best results, images should be scanned at least 300dpi. If you are unable to do so we can create high resolution scans for you. Just bring in the photographs or graphics and we’ll produce a scan at the necessary resolution.

Step 4: Corporate/Specific Pantone Colours

When printing offset or digital in CMYK some colours do not retain the exact look of the Pantone colour. If yuor colours are Pantone specific and a match is required speak to us so we can assure a proper match.