In today’s business world, there is no one technology that can effectively convey your marketing message to your clients.

Printing has, and always will be, a cost effective solution to market your products and services. Combined with an effective social media and online presence, printing allows you to connect with your clients in a way that digital media cannot. In fact, adding direct mail to a multi media campaign increases awareness by 20%.

Digital vs. Offset Printing

Many people are confused by the terminology of today’s printing techniques. Simply put, digital printing allows maximum customization of your message while allowing you to print a small quantity. Offset printing, is effective for larger print runs or for non-personalized projects.

Which technology is right for you? Call us today for an independent analysis of your print work to best determine which process is right for you!

Digital Printing Technology

Using the latest Xerox & Ricoh Digital Presses, we confidently produce your projects very quickly and with the knowledge that every print looks the same from the first to last sheet.

Corporate Printing Services is always investing in the latest technology and were one of the first printing firms in Toronto to employ a successful Print On Demand Model that enables clients to produce what they need without having marketing materials that are outdated.

What is Print on Demand?

With print on demand, we print EXACTLY what you need! Rather than print and warehouse thousands of flyers or brochures that may quickly be out of date, we only print what you need NOW. No more waste or outdated materials.

Our Print On Demand service can reduce your cost by as much as 50%. In most cases, your printing can be completed and shipped the same day you approve it. Corporate Printing Services will store your files for future use and print what you need when you need it. Whether its 100, 1000 or 10,000 prints, they are always available the very next business day.

Our equipment has been specially ordered to allow us to bind jobs online so that a complete product comes out of the machine. This reduces the handling process and allows us to turn around jobs quickly and accurately